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July 2018
Architecture Engineering & Construction, Wind Pedestrian Comfort & Safety
Large Scale Modeling of Wind Comfort and Safety Using Pedestrian Comfort Analysis App
Sandip Jadhav, Vijay Mali, Praveen Kumar Ramachandran, Chaitanya Rane
Assessing the impact of building induced aerodynamics effects, on pedestrian comfort and safety, at a large scale is of great interest to local governments, architects, urban planners, designers, and developers. A common method of assessing pedestrian comfort is to perform a series of CFD simulations for different wind directions, combining the results with historical wind data obtained from the weather station near the site location and checking compliance with a suitable wind comfort criterion. The existing simulation tools and methodology demand CFD expertise and in-house high-performance computing facility. With the advent of powerful cloud computing, a new Pedestrian Comfort Analysis application has been developed by simulationHub, that performs the CFD simulations on cloud and provides comfort and safety plots for large-scale models within hours. Through introduction and case study, this paper illustrates the 'Pedestrian Comfort Analysis' app to assess the pedestrian wind comfort and safety, across urban building design.
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