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Quality assurance (QA) and testing are critical processes in software development that are designed to ensure that software products meet the required quality standards and perform as expected.
QA involves a set of activities that are designed to prevent defects and errors from occurring during the software development process. This can include processes such as code reviews, static analysis, and automated testing to ensure that the software meets specific quality standards and is free from defects.
Testing, on the other hand, involves the process of verifying and validating that the software performs as expected and meets the specified requirements. This can involve a range of testing techniques, such as unit testing, integration testing, system testing, and acceptance testing, to ensure that the software functions correctly under a range of conditions and scenarios. This can be done manually and through automation.
UI Automation

Automate the workflows to capture the UI related issues/regressions and to minimize the manual efforts using Test Complete, Test Execute,VB script, batch scripting.

Performance Automation

To analyze the performance of each workflow with the visual styles. Calculated time of workflow and compared it with the previous baseline time. If the time difference is greater than gmark value, it indicates the red mark to notify there is some noise or any issue with workflow.

Install Automation

To reduce the manual testing efforts of TDs by automating the install, uninstall and validation of AutoCAD Toolsets, capturing the unexpected behavior of the product.

Manual Testing

Manual testing includes Feature testing of specific integrated features or newly developed features, Defect verification, Customers problem report verification, Final release testing(FRT) and System test for all the product features, it includes in need to check everything, add extend, basic workflow, export import of the component, no error or crashes while performing & if found, to be fix it & retest.