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We strive to transform the human life by the democratization of technology. Bringing it to the common people where its most needed. Join our journey to make this dream true.
Our DNA is defined by the core values we believe in, the principles we follow in our everyday life at work.
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The technology has made our life easy. Let it be using it in the designing of a product, exploring the new ideas or even while doing day-to-day activities, everyone enjoys the benefits of using correct technology. Many time the technology is available, but cannot be used by common people due to its complexity, accessibility and cost. Wouldn't it be nice to make that technology available to everyone in the need? Wouldn't it be nice to make the technology available in much simpler and affordable manner?
At CCTech, we work for making complex technology available to the common designers, to the common people. We develop "useful and usable" software, the software which helps designers to develop better and efficient products, the software which helps them to imagine and innovate. If you also believe in "Transforming human life by the democratization of technology", we are the right fit for you. Here are the few reasons why you'll want to work at CCTech.
Here are the few reasons why you'll want to work at CCTech
CCTech Career - Why Us
Our Product
Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) helps engineering companies and designers to understand the product performance, design better and efficient products. But Only 1 out of 100 CAD designer uses CFD in their design workflow due to its complexity, accessibility, and cost. Our product simulationHub is an affordable, accessible, efficient and appified cloud-based simulation product built for designers.
CCTech Career - Explore Technology
The Technology
Every day we come across the questions which are never been answered and sometimes the questions which are not even asked. To achieve the goal of "democratization of technology", we had to push the boundaries of what's available. Our R&D team works on latest technologies in cloud computing, computational geometry, machine learning, artificial intelligence.
CCTech Career - Work Diversity
Work Diversity
We believe that "life is a path function, not a point function" and so does the knowledge and expertise. We have an open culture where your job titles don't matter. We do not define boundaries between departments, between teams and between employees and management. We encourage everyone to explore new technologies, new roles, new opportunities and contribute to the common goal.
CCTech Career - Corporate Life and Fun
Life & Fun
We're party people. We're sports friendly. We're focused on creating best experience for you at the company. We enjoy each moment, as small as a successful complication of code or as big as getting a product subscription. We look for an opportunity to celebrate. There are planned fun activities in the company like fun days, one-day outing, and annual trip. If nothing is happening, you may find us getting together for a beer bash party.
CCTech Career - Collaborative learning
Collaborative Learning
We learn more when we learn together. We rarely grow alone. We gain more insights, become more knowledgeable and develop better skills together. At CCTech, we have understood this well. We have implemented it in our daily work culture. We believe in collaborative learning. Let it be about passing the knowledge from experts to newbies or diving into more complex research topic, we learn and grow as a group.
CCTech Career - Higher studies
Higher Studies
Education is key to gain more knowledge, become more insightful and develop better skills. We believe that education has a power to change the world and make it better. At CCTech, we encourage & support higher education. Let it be doing short-term courses or even a post-graduation, you will find us supporting you. We help in doing workload balance during preparation, selecting courses and selecting universities.
India - Maharashtra - Pune
Department : Product Development
0 to 2 years of full stack development experience
Bachelor of engineering in Computer Science, Information Technology or related discipline
We are looking for an engineer who has a passion for web app development. The one who wants to work on both client and server side of the application is best suitable for this job. In this position, you will be part of the simulationHub product development team who is on the mission of bringing the complex simulation technology to common designers. simulationHub is a first-of-its-kind product which has been architectured, developed and delivered as a full cloud web app. In this role, you required to have full stack development skills including HTML, CSS, Javascript, AWS, C#, rest API, NoSQL database and many more. It's time to democratize the technology, it's time to create a legacy, apply now and be a part of this movement.
India - Maharashtra - Pune
Department : Administration
0 -2 years management experience in HR
Bachelor's (BBA) / Master's Degree (MBA) in social sciences, human resources, business administration, communication or related field
Are you passionate about talking to people, resolving their problems? Are you an effective communicator, and a good listener? Do you want to do the career in doing this? Then, you are at right place. We are looking for honest, ethical and dependable HR executive with understanding and empathetic character, positive and go-getter attitude, who has excellent capability of multitasking. In this position, you will be leading all human resource tasks of the company. You will direct and oversee the recruitment and talent acquisition, employee progress and performance evaluation, cross-functional relations between all employee and all company's welfare activities. You will closely work with CEO and directors to strategically plan valuable HR policies and subsequently act to implement them. Ultimately, you will make strategic decisions for our company so that we hire, develop and retain qualified employees.
India - Maharashtra - Pune
Department : Consulting & Services
0 to 2 years of software development experience in C++ / C#
Bachelor of enginering in Computer Science, Aerospace, Production, Mechanical or related discipline
Are you looking for a creative, fun and friendly workplace where you get to work on most challenging and advanced technologies? Then CCTech might be the right place for you. We are looking for motivated, self-starters to join our growing consulting team. In this position, you will be joining our consulting team focusing on creating the solution in the space of CAD, computational geometry and 3D web CAD. It's a highly specialized field and you need to have good knowledge of 3D geometry, graphics programming, geometry kernel and CAD interfaces. As the development space is rapidly going through the transition from desktop to cloud, you also need to be abreast with web application development too.
India - Maharashtra - Pune
Department : Consulting & Services
0 to 2 years of software development experience in C++
Bachelor of engineering in Computer Science, Information Technology or related discipline
We are looking for a C++ developer responsible for building applications that range from desktop to cloud applications. Your primary responsibility will be to design and develop these applications and to coordinate with the rest of the team working on different layers of the infrastructure. You need to have strong programming skills in C++ and should have a good understanding of overall SDLC process. You will join our development consulting team working on cutting-edge technology.
The chance to innovate, the change to learn, the chance to bring technology to common people and the chance to transform the human life by the democratization of technology. CCTech is the place where students can thrive. We have tons of exciting opportunities that can help you take your ideas and passion to the next level.
At CCTech, we hire undergraduate, graduate and Ph.D. student interns across the company. We train, help and mentor them to imagine and develop the better product and create more satisfying experiences for our customers. Imagine yourself as a CCTech intern. Join us today, and help us build the better future.