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simulationHub Web Services [SWS]
World's First CFD Cloud Platform
SWS platform lives in the cloud. No more managing your HPC cluster. Perform all sorts of CFD calculations on our fully managed and intelligent platform.
simulationHub Web Services
Presenting you the future ready CFD platform
simulationHub web services, SWS, is a cloud-based platform that facilitates engineers to perform CFD calculations in a fully managed and scalable cloud infra. You concentrate on your CFD problem and we take care of all the HPC infra required to run your jobs.
SWS Platform is an intelligent platform. It offers smart CFD focused web services. We do auto CAD cleanup, smart meshing and solver parameters setup, smart post-processing for you tremendously reducing the inputs a traditional CFD software operator inserts to perform a simulation.
SWS offers extended services in domains connected to CFD applications viz. geometry processing, weather information, terrain information, etc.
Fluid Volume Extraction (FVE)
The FVE stack offers automatic CAD cleanup and extraction of fluid volume from solid as well as surface geometries. It can extract fluid volume from many geometrical file formats. It can automatically close the open geometries for you.
CFD meshing
These set of web services offer multiple options to generate a good quality mesh from your fluid volume. It also offers independent service to check mesh quality or setup meshing parameters on your own.
CFD solver
SWS currently offers subsonic, steady-state and turbulent flow simulations. These services can import mesh in multiple formats. You may specify what sort of resources you want you simulation job to run on or leave it on us, and we decide what's best for your simulation.
Post processing
This set of web services offer you capabilities to generate high-quality post processed CFD results of both, the simulations were done in SWS Platform or those you have done in your premises. Post-processing capabilities include 2D Contour plots, Path lines, Surface Pressure plots.
Terrain generation
SWS has an extended web service to get the terrain geometry in STL format for any given patch of earth. This is quite useful in AEC sector.
Weather data
SWS stack of services also includes querying historical weather information. This is a useful service for CFD with urban / city development use cases.
SWS app examples
SWS platform offers the range of APIs to quickly develop and deploy CFD simulation apps. It has all the building block to develop easy-to-use cloud-based apps. See how SWS is used to develop engineering simulation apps.
Autonomous HVAC CFD [AHC]
This app is built for HVAC designers and generates occupant thermal comfort for various HVAC system configurations. Complete CFD workflow is automated using SWS meshing, simulation, post-processing and report generation APIs.
Autonomous Valve CFD [AVC]
This app is built for control valve designers and calculates valve performance curves like CV, KV, and Cdt just by providing a 3D CAD model of a control valve. Complete CFD workflow is automated using SWS meshing, simulation, post-processing and report generation APIs.
Pedestrian Comfort Analysis [PCA]
The PCA app estimates pedestrian comfort conditions in an urban environment. The app is designed for architects, urban planners and only needs a building mass model and site location. The comfort plot using various comfort criteria is calculated using SWS weather data, meshing, simulation, post and report generation APIs.
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