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AI consulting being the heart of digitization and autonomous workflows, CCTech offers a dedicated consulting division to cater to the DATA needs of organizations
Who we are? We’re a diverse team of Domain Experts, Product Definition engineers, Software Developers, and Data & Cloud engineers who can create cutting-edge solutions catering to your unique business challenges.
How? We digitize and convert manual engineering workflows into intelligent autonomous workflows. In addition to being a Systems Integrator, we build Core Technologies for developing end-to-end solutions and seamlessly connect them with your existing infrastructure and software stack. Our solutions are modern & scalable enterprise web applications allowing any number of users in the organization to access them from anywhere and from any device.
Our Offerings
Multi-Objective Optimization (Generative design)

Optimize pipeline routing (manufacturing/building/Industrial) for multiple/conflicting objectives using the evolutionary algorithm commonly known as generative design in our industry.

AI and AR assisted assembly lines (Smart factory)

Assitance of assembly line workers with real-time guidance using AR headgears, digital screens, projectors, laser sensors, etc. Human responses are captured using cameras and other sensors to process and update the guidance system in real-time.

Timeseries forecasting

Analyzing engineering operations from previous years and predicting optimized operations for maximizing output in future.

Autonomous web scraping

No-code web scraping application from any new source. Without any human intervention, scrapers continue to scrape newer data automatically. NLP is used to embed the domain-specific knowledge into the application.

Intelligent PDF extraction

No-code PDF extraction application. Detection of keys and values, tables, and sentences. In an easy-to-use UI, processing settings can be selected to support PDFs of different structures.

Accelearate your business with Data and AI solutions
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