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The way products are designed is changed. The way design teams communicate is changed. The way products are manufactured is changed. With our expertise in 3D geometries, web technologies and cloud computation, build your next generation 3D apps.
We have a unique blend of mathematical modeling, computational engineering, 3D web technology, full stack web development and cloud platforms, all that you will need to build your enterprise application.
Autodesk Platform Services
We are the Top SYSTEMS INTEGRATOR certified by Autodesk Platform Services
APS enables companies to leverage design and engineering data to develop custom software applications and connected workflows for manufacturing, media/entertainment, architecture, engineering, and construction. We help you to conceptualize, design, develop and deploy your 3D apps.
Oil & Gas
Exploration & Production
  • Production Optimization
  • AI + Physics Simulation
Midstream & Downstream
  • Asset Management
  • Logistic Optimization
  • PDF Data Extraction & Analytics
  • AI Web Scraping
  • Advance AI Technology
  • Software Packaging
  • Generative Design
  • Optimization
Sales & Marketing
  • 3D Viewer
  • Data Connectors
Simulation & PLM
  • Integrations
  • Workflow Automation
Quality Control
  • AI Code Compliance
  • CAD Co-Pilots
Product Development
  • Multi Objective Optimization
  • Design Automation
  • Dashboards
  • Digital Labs
  • BIM Integrations
  • Customised Management
  • Code Compliance
  • Automation Workflows
Design Firms
  • Desgin Configurators
  • Desgin Optimization
Facility Managers
  • Digital Twins
  • Energy Management
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Autodesk Platform Services
APS enables companies to leverage design and engineering data to develop custom software applications and connected workflows for manufacturing, media/entertainment, architecture, and engineering.
simulationHub Web Services
simulationHub Web Service ( SWS) has become the first microservices based cloud platform to build thermal, fluid and hyper-localized weather applications. SWS provides more than 200 REST APIs.
Amazon Web Services
Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a secure cloud services platform, offering computing power, database storage, content delivery and other functionality to help businesses scale, grow and build cloud applications.
iTwin Bentley Systems
iTwin revolutionizes asset management by blending 3D modeling, reality capture, and data analytics. It enables real-time visualization, simulation, and informed decision-making.
Next generation CFD simulations apps for designers
simulationHub is easy-to-use cloud based CFD apps for designers that run on most web browsers and works from mobile, tablets and desktop devices. All the apps have customized workflow for specific industry problems. Few of benefits include affordable, accessible, anywhere, appified and built for designers.
First of its kind MOOC education platform dedicated to CAx education.
Started with the vision of Inspire | Educate | Mentor engineers globally, LearnCAx envision a future where everyone has accesses to high-end CAx technology education. Today, LearnCAx offers various courses and a mentor program for students. With more than 23,000 course subscribers from 176 countries, LearnCAx has become the best choice in CAx education.
CCTech made history with the first Autodesk Data Exchange powered app. They have a passion for customized workflows - pushing boundaries with the new Autodesk DX SDK.
Tobais Hathorn, Director, Data Interoperability - Autodesk
The collaboration between Bureau Veritas Construction and CCTech on the icheck for Building project exemplifies a successful partnership driving BIM technology and control in construction. Bureau Veritas Construction created the icheck for Building, a BIM-based solution automating control processes throughout the project lifecycle, with CCTech contributing essential BIM data management expertise, enhancing control processes through automation and improved verification accuracy.
Guylaine De Souza, BIM Project Manager at Bureau Veritas
We help organizations to build an unique engineering solutions for their customers
Our consulting solutions help accelerate your journey to a digital enterprise. With diverse expertise in Engineering, Computational Geometry, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Computer Science, HPC, Cloud and UX design, CCTech has both the resources and expertise to react quickly to client needs, a key asset in a digital era when deployment needs to be measured in weeks rather than months.
We tackle all obstacles that stop the technologies in computational engineering sciences from reaching the masses
Our earth is home to around 7.6 billion people. Out of which more than 6 billion people own a mobile device. Here at CCTech, we strive to find ways to bring the power of highly scientific engineering tools to each of these mobile devices. We research to leverage the latest technologies in computer science field to achieve our objective.
CCTech Releases Autonomous HVAC CFD,
The Centre for Computational Technologies (CCTech) is thrilled to announce the commercial release of Autonomous HVAC CFD (AHC 2023). The app had one of the most extensive beta testing programs, where hundreds of HVAC engineers worldwide volunteered to test the app with various build spaces and solve their real-world problems.
- CCTech
CCTech emerges as a winner in 2 categories of"Autodesk Forge Hackathon 2021", The Autodesk Forge Team hosted a Hackathon as a part of Autodesk University 2021. Over 150 teams participated in the hackathon, and these teams have given the following five challenges to code forge application. The AU Forge team announced five well-deserving winners and some honorable mentions. We are glad to share that CCTech scored two wins and an honorable mention for Hackathon 2021.
- CCTech
CCTech partners with Bentley systems. Our team created an application, HVAC-Twin using the iTwin platform, which is a foundation for building digital twins applications. This partnership will open up opportunities to rapidly build 3D digital twins for HVAC and other industries.
- CCTech
CCTech has received the prestigious "Autodesk Forge Spotlight" award at One Team Conference held in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. The award is presented to recognize Forge Certified System Integrator who have been outstanding partner in 2017. CCTech received the award for their work on simulationHub and their speed and agility in responding to the customer requests.
- CCTech
The wait is finally over!! We definitely had a long beta. Our beta testing had more than 20000 simulation projects created by thousands of users from 120 countries, helping us shape a new generation of products. Today we are ending our beta testing phase and moving to a full-fledged commercial release. simulationHub now graduates to a full commercial release with three new, easy to use simulation apps specially crafted for designers.
- simulationHub
CCTech offers a cloud-based computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation platform, called simulationHub, as well as 3D app/plug-in consulting services. Their simulationHub allows customers to analyze fluid flow and airflow from just a web browser. As such, simulationHub addresses two principal challenges when using CFD simulation early in the design process - complexity and compute intensiveness. Because the browser-based workflow is simple to complete, and the app runs the simulation in the cloud, this frees up a user's machine for other tasks.
- It's Alive in the Lab
The group of technologists who founded SimulationHub states, "We love to create awesome products to simplify complex technologies for designers and engineers." Their dedication to this motto is reflected in the way they apply SaaS (software as a service) architecture to tackle CFD (computational fluid dynamics) problems. Now in Beta, SimulationHub allows you to conduct fluid flow and airflow analysis from a browser.
- Digital Engineering
Let's take the example of SimulationHub, a new start-up that's focusing on making Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) more accessible. If you want to try it, you can, for free, on its own or connected to an Onshape account. From within Onshape, you have your geometry, then kick off a SimulationHub session. This transfers the data into SimulationHub's environment (and maintains a link), but rather than opening in another window (or browser tab), it becomes part of the Onshape environment.
Today designer needs a new software which gives him quick and accurate results without following a complex process. CCTech as an organization has been grappling with this problem over past 10 years. We pivoted with different product ideas and many of these ideas got scrapped as they failed to achieve our design goals. However, each of these failed experiments gave us the valuable insight. They inspired us to try the different path and what could work. Finally, all these efforts lead to define the new fluid flow simulation product - simulationHub. We believe that simulationHub would help to bridge the gap between design and analysis one notch further.
- simulationHub
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