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December 2010
Proceedings of the 37th International & 4th National Conference on Fluid Mechanics and Fluid Power, IIT Madras, Chennai, India
Numerical investigation of multi-channel flow maldistribution
Nityanand Pawar, R. S. Maurya, Vijay Mali
Non-uniform flow distribution is a very common problem which is encountered by process equipment designers. Being important design parameters, it has been investigated by several researchers and case based solution has been proposed and documented. Present numerical work is intended to target this aspect of the problem. The numerical setup consists of two headers having multiple channels for U and Z turn flow configuration and also the simplified model similar to the plate type heat exchanger. For hydrodynamic study, flow has been varied for Reynolds number 120 to 17600 to study the effect of flow behaviour on mal-distribution. It has been found that channel flow goes on reducing along downstream side. Numerical results have been validated with the experimental results. Also a thermal study has been conducted to study the effect of wall temperature on air flow mal distribution. Thermal study has been conducted to study the effect flow maldistribution in configuration similar to plate type heat exchanger. Results reveal new features of flow mal-distribution which is helpful in better understanding of associated mal-distribution physics.
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