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May 23, 2024
Webinar on Modern BIM workflows using Autodesk Data Exchange Connectors : Episode 1
Massively Scalable CAD Configurators
The webinar on "Modern BIM Workflows using Autodesk Data Exchange Connectors" highlights the initiative to enhance productivity and efficiency in design processes through advanced Autodesk tools. Hosted by CAD Center, a prominent system integrator with a significant market presence and diverse service offerings, the session aims to educate participants on maximizing the benefits of Autodesk software.
The session delves into the challenges of managing large-scale models, emphasizing the importance of version control and efficient data handling. Autodesk Data Exchange is presented as a solution to these challenges, offering seamless data transfer and integration between various software platforms.
We made it possible with practical demonstrations of data exchanges between Revit, AutoCAD, and Inventor, emphasizing the ease of updating and synchronizing models through a user-friendly interface.
Featured Speaker :
Subhransu Majhi, Head, AI Consulting - Consultancy, CCTech
Vivek Mahajan, Head - Strategic Partnerships & Alliances, Consulting, CCTech
Moderator :
Vetrivel Shanmugam, Business Development Manager - BIM Services