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March 16 2018, Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, USA
CCTech Wins Autodesk Forge Spotlight Award
CCTech wins Autodesk Forge spotlight award
Autodesk recently held their annual One Team Conference in Las Vegas. This event focused on diving deep into the latest product updates from Autodesk University with the teams that are on the front lines helping customers. For the first time at this event, over 30 Forge Certified Systems Integrators and partners interested in the program got together for an exclusive session hosted by Forge strategy leads.
Ron Locklin, Director of Forge Business Strategy and Marketing, presented the awards to recognize Forge Certified Systems Integrators who have been outstanding partners in 2017. Centre for Computational Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (CCTech) was awarded "Autodesk Forge Spotlight Award" for their work on simulationHub (a cloud-based CFD simulation product) and their speed and agility in responding to the customer requests.
CEO & Co-Founder of CCTech, Sandip Jadhav commented "Autodesk is always a leader when it comes to the latest technology in 3D design space. Unlike the other CAD companies, Autodesk is upfront in building the partner development network. Through Autodesk Forge, it has opened an ocean of opportunities for many development companies to build a unique engineering solution for their customers. CCTech is a part of Autodesk Forge since its inception. We as a company, CCTech believes in the vision that Autodesk Forge will lead digital transformation of industry and therefore we have been advocating complete Autodesk Forge platform ecosystem to our clients."
Sandip Jadhav continues, "Autodesk Forge is now becoming de facto industry standard for web 3D viewer like what YouTube did for videos. Today there are billion plus drawings in DWG format. With Autodesk Forge, we are helping companies to unlock this great design content to their end customers, stakeholders and partners in quickest and most secure way possible. We are also helping companies to bring this web-ready data on mobile platform using AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality)."
On productivity improvement using Autodesk Forge, Nem Kumar, CIO and consulting head commented, "Some of the product concepts that manufacturing companies proposed to us, were estimated to take couple of years to complete. But using Autodesk Forge, we could develop solutions in less than six months' time and even launch the product. We have experienced this speed in development recently when we were working on developing a solution for our customer GE Digital."
In the end, Sandip Jadhav said, "I am proud of our entire team for winning this award. I am also thankful to Autodesk Forge team for acknowledging our work. This achievement is a testimony to our commitment to provide a unique engineering solution to our customers."
About CCTech
Centre for Computational Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (CCTech) is one of the top system integration partners for Autodesk Forge. CCTech has an expertise in mathematical modeling, computational engineering, 3D web technology, full stack web development and cloud platforms. CCTech team comprises of inspired and passionate young minds with the perfect blend of computer science, information technology, and mechanical background. CCTech customers include companies like Autodesk, GE Digital, Maersk Oil, Shell BV, Forbes Marshall and many other engineering majors.
About CCTech's Autodesk Forge Solutions
CCTech helps businesses build applications, store data, accelerate deployments and manage business processes through a complete framework of managed services. CCTech's Forge experts have hands-on experience working in Forge ecosystem. CCTech offers various Autodesk Forge solutions including, 3D web app development, 3D design configurator for OEMs, migration of desktop products to the cloud , mobile and Augmented Reality apps.