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July 25, 2014
CCTech releases 3DPrintTech 2.0
An app for 3D printing objects larger than build volume
Centre for Computational Technologies Pvt. Ltd. (CCTech), a CAD and CAM product development company, announced today launch of new application 3DPrintTech for maker community. 3DPrintTech helps maker to build object larger than build volume of any 3D printer. App also provides the functionality to pack small objects in given build volume which help to save time and money to user. 3DPrintTech is currently available for FREE of cost and works as CAD plugin with Autodesk Inventor 2014, AutoCAD 2014 and SolidWorks 2013.
3D Printing objects larger than build volume
3DPrintTech is designed for maker community who faces challenge to print larger objects on small 3D printer quickly. Processes of converting your design into small parts are time consuming and require good CAD modelling expertise. We realized there has to be a better way for this particular problem. Our R&D team came up with an application that can divide design of large object into small connectable components within few minutes. App also provides user option to control the cylindrical connectors as per his requirement. User can define the connector in terms of radius, length and taper angle. User also control the distance between the connectors, distance between connector and object surface.
Next problem of maker community is packing of multiple components in one print batch. One option for maker is to manually pack as many possible objects within build volume. He has to make sure that packed objects does not intersect or touch each other. To solve this problem, we provide a feature called 3D Packing. It creates the batch of 3DPrintings from collection of many small components. In our benchmarking, we found that for many cases our 3D Packing helped to reduce the 3D Printing batches from 10 to 1. This is definitely going to help makers to print more objects in less time and less money.
3D printing is continuously evolving technology. Therefore app has provided an interface to add your custom printer. App provides many utility functions such as Exporting processed objects to 3D printable STL file, Explode objects for quick inspection, scaling the object for unit conversion or fitting into printer. As 3DPrintTech works within a CAD system so you can do multiple design iterations without leaving the CAD application. All the 3DPrintTech operations are nondestructive and hence keep your design intact.
Sandip Jadhav, (Co-Founder & CEO, CCTech) says "3DPrintTech should help the maker to improve productivity by great degree. It will also help maker to push the envelope by making new large 3d objects. 3DPrintTech 1.0 was released on Autodesk App exchange in Autodesk University 2013. 3DPrintTech app received the great response and feedback. Out development team incorporated these user suggestions in our final product. App"s ability to create objects larger than the print volume using our automated splitting technique and packing of small components by efficiently nesting is key strength. 3DPrintTech is developed using CAD application development framework known as Confluence Framework. In the future we will provide more choices of connectors, packing types and more CAD platforms".
You can download 3DPrintTech software from CCTech Labs. To know more about the 3DPrintTech software & capabilities kindly Email Us.