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January 30, 2014
CCTech collaborates with FIDESYS, LLC, RUSSIA
The innovative Russian software developer, FIDESYS , LLC has joined hands with Centre for Computational Technologies (CCTech), a global leading company in software product development and premium consultant in the area of CAD, CFD and PLM, as channel partners for sales of CAE FIDESYS, a multi-purpose CAE software for high-end structural analysis.
CAE FIDESYS, is a highly user friendly and effective tool for carrying out complete design cycle of strength analysis. Its functional capability starts right from loading a CAD-model and its analysis, meshing, setting loads and the material mechanical properties, selecting and setting a FEM-solver, model calculation, and results visualization. It offers users a varied choice of numerical methods based on FEM/SEM providing a high speed and accuracy of calculations due to the efficient use of modern HPC technologies.
FIDESYS also has a cloud computing service, FIDESYS ONLINE a web service that allows performing deformation mode analysis for articles under static loads. It does not require any additional software on client side only a web browser and broadband internet connection.
Michael Payne (FIDESYS Advisory Board) says "I am excited to see the success of the international expansion of FIDESYS. This partnership with CCTech will allow FIDESYS to strengthen its position in cloud CAE. FIDESYS has been among the first to bring technology that had previously only been available as an expensive installed product to the new platform of cloud computing".
Sandip Jadhav (Co-Founder & CEO, CCTech) says, "In line with our vision to be a world leader in computational engineering consultancy and training services, I feel this is another step in the positive direction. CCTech is rapidly expanding its technology offerings to cover the entire gamut of CAE field. We already have strong presence in technology services in CFD, CAD and product development as well as technology education LearnCAx and this partnership with FIDESYS presents us with an opportunity to offer our customers with a cutting edge FEA product supported with world class technology solutions from our engineering team".
"CCTech has always encouraged innovation and paved way for new technology into the CAE market and look forward to a strong partnership between CCTech and FIDESYS that will deliver innovative technology in cost effective manner to our customer base in Asia as well as to the worldwide CAE market, typically the medium & small scale industrial sectors and academic research", says Dr. Ganesh Visavale (FIDESYS Incharge & Manager at CCTech).
About CCTech
Centre for Computational Technologies (CCTech), is a venture started (in 2006) by a group of IITians and industry professionals with extensive experience in CAD/CFD application, development, and testing. CCTech is a leading CAE services company with a range of services in the domain of CAD development/ customization, CFD consultancy & online CAx education (LearnCAx).
FIDESYS , LLC is dedicated to solving static and dynamic strength problems of stress and strain states of solids under finite strains. Fidesys is headquartered in Moscow, Russia. The Fidesys engineering company was founded in 2009 by experts and graduates of Lomonosov Moscow State University, Department of Mechanics and Mathematics.