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March 1 2022, Pune, India
CCTech partners with Bentley Systems
CCTech Partners with Bentley Systems
CCTech team created an application in the Heating Ventilation & Air-Conditioning space called HVAC-Twin using the iTwin platform. This application uses CFD data processed on CCTech simulationHub platform. It is designed to address the challenge of understanding the HVAC design performance. The solution's objective is to provide an easy-to-use, quick and effective method for designers to evaluate performance.
Caroline Keane, Partnerships Lead at Bentley Systems applauded, "They approached us with a very interesting & clever concept whereby they wanted to develop an application in the Heating Ventilation & Air-Conditioning space called HVAC-Twin. With their ambitious & inspirational vision set by the CTO & CEO, phenomenal leadership & amazing development team; they truly wowed us as they shared their progress & achieved their desired outcomes in leveraging the iTwin Platform, PaaS. I am so incredibly proud of our partnership and I honestly cannot wait to see what's next with the further concepts CCTech has in mind."
CEO & Co-Founder of CCTech, Sandip Jadhav, was pleased to share “We are glad to announce our partnership with Bentley systems to create a next-gen digital twin application. The Bentley iTwin platform provides the foundation to build digital twin solutions and accelerate application development to solve data integration, visualization, change tracking, security, and other challenges.”
Further, Director of Consultancy, Nem Kumar, added “Having proved our capabilities at iTwin platform, our engineers are now excited to leverage the reporting, Export, Machine Learning modules of the iTwin platform in addition to IoT sensor data integration and real data analysis”. He also invited HVAC industry stakeholders for similar project implementation on their premises with customized user cases with value addition.
This is a snapshot from HVAC-twin app displaying Velocity contour: