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April 1st, 2024, Pune, India
CCTech and Autodesk Introduce
"3D Design Exchange" — A Paradigm Shift in AEC Presentations
CCTech and Autodesk Introduce the '3D Design Exchange'
The Pinnacle of Interoperability : Over 150+ BIM/CAD File Formats Now Embeddable in PowerPoint
PUNE, India - April 1st, 2024 - In an exciting advancement for the AEC industry, CCTech proudly introduces the "3D Design Exchange" connector for PowerPoint. This innovative tool, a collaboration with Autodesk Platform Services (APS), is a pivotal breakthrough, now featured on the Autodesk store. With the capability to embed BIM and CAD models from over 150 engineering design file formats, it is a true game-changer.
Universal Compatibility Meets Cutting-Edge Integration
The challenge of presenting intricate design concepts in a digestible format and shifting from bulky software for all stakeholders is no stranger to the AEC industry. The "3D Design Exchange" boasts unparalleled compatibility, supporting more than 150+ engineering design file formats from industry-leading software such as Revit, Civil3D, NavisWorks, Tekla,Rhino, Inventor, Fusion 360, Solidworks etc. This wide-ranging support ensures that no matter the software used for designing, the "3D Design Exchange" offers a robust solution for bringing these models to life within PowerPoint slides.
Transformative Features of the "3D Design Exchange"
Our "3D Design Exchange" empowers users to:
    • Universal Model Integration: A robust platform that can present 3D designs from over 150 file formats, making it the most versatile tool in a stakeholder's arsenal.
    • Interactive 3D Presentations: Dynamic, real-time engagement with models allows for an immersive presentation experience, directly within PowerPoint.
    • Operational Efficiency: The simplification of the design sharing process translates to tangible time savings and streamlined project discussions.
Future-Proofing AEC Collaboration
CCTech's "3D Design Exchange" is not just about bridging the gap between technical and non-technical stakeholders, it's about setting a foundation for future advancements in AEC communication and project management.
We're not stopping here—our vision for the "3D Design Exchange" includes ongoing enhancements to further enrich the user experience with advanced features like animation detailed metadata views, and more.
Embrace the Future with CCTech's "3D Design Exchange"
CCTech's collaboration with Autodesk signifies a new chapter in AEC project delivery, marked by innovation, improved communication, and enhanced decision-making. The "3D Design Exchange" connector is more than just a tool—it's a pivotal step toward smarter, more efficient project management and execution.
Experience the transformative power of the "3D Design Exchange" by visiting the Autodesk store and integrating it into your next PowerPoint presentation.
For a seamless experience in revolutionizing your AEC presentations, download the "3D Design Exchange" connector directly from the Autodesk App Store