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Thursday, February 10, 2011
CCTech delivers 20th project on Control Valve CFD simulation
Vijay Mali
CCTech delivered 20th project on control valve CFD simulation. This objective of project was to calculate valve coefficient (Kv) value for various opening position. The control valve was of globe type with seat-plug arraignment and windowed cage. CFD simulation is done starting from 10 % opening to 100 % opening.
Control valve is one of the industry, where standard as well as custom made designs are used. Almost every manufacturer irrespective of size of an organization, has its own standards of control valve. With such a huge verity, and stringent design norms being a process control equipment, characteristic prediction is always a critical factor. Since the start of CCTech's CFD consultancy division, control valve domain has been on of the focus for team. Over last few years, we have understood various needs of simulations, and developed our own unique meshing and simulation techniques. CCTech now offers various control valve solutions to industry including :
Valve characteristic (CV/KV) prediction
Plug and seat design for intended valve characteristics
Cavitation index
Based on vast experience in control valve simulation, CCTech now promises a quick simulation with minimum possible delivery time and cost which is less that your conventional experimental methods.
About author
Vijay Mali
Vijay is a technology explorer, a visionary and a product maker. As CTO of the company, he plays a critical role in deciding the technology vision of the company. He also leads the center of excellence (CoE) department at CCTech which is responsible for exploring new technologies & building a strategy to bring it to common designers. Vijay has over 15 years of experience in providing the CFD solutions for many complex problems. He has conceptualized many software solutions including the Pedestrian Comfort Analysis & Control Valve Performer app developed on simulationHub platform. Vijay is known for his transformative way of teaching and trained more than 500 candidates on complex topics like computational fluid dynamics and design optimization. He has delivered talks at various events and engineering colleges about CFD and its use in design optimization of a product. Vijay holds a master degree in aerospace engineering from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT Bombay).