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Over the last few decades, CFD has reached to new heights and becoming more and more extensively used virtual simulation technique. Almost all the design companies are using these tools directly or indirectly in their design activities. CFD has applications in wide areas of engineering including Aerospace, Automobile, Electronic, HVAC, Chemical, Turbomachinery, Heat Exchangers and many more.

Today is the best day for all engineering graduates and post-graduates to cater to the opportunities in the CAE field. Many times, the lack of awareness restricts students to explore these horizons. Being a CFD engineer, one needs to have a good understanding of physics and expertise on commercial software packages used in the industry. The knowledge of fluid flow and heat transfer given at undergraduate level are the foundation stones for further studies and career in CFD. The topics like advanced fluid mechanics, heat and mass transfer covered during post-graduate studies are the necessary and must skill sets of CFD engineer.

aim - CFD program is designed to create awareness in graduate and post-graduate students about CFD and its wide range of applications. Undergraduate studies involves extensive education on core engineering subjects like fluid mechanics and heat transfer. These subjects are the foundation stones of advance topics like CFD. Additional knowledge of CFD along with fundamental subjects and a small CFD project work, makes student's profile more suitable for CFD as career choice as well as higher studies. aim - CFD program is one of its kind where engineering students, faculty and CFD professional will come together to lay down the good and strong track for students.

aim - CFD program has been introduced with a vision to popularize the technological prowess of Computational Fluid Dynamics at the grass-root level of academia wherein the fresh engineering talent can be drawn to contribute in the core fields. This will complement the graduate and post-graduate studies of the students at their respective engineering colleges while it also allows CFD practitioners at CCTech to have a platform for fruitful interaction with the students and faculty at these engineering colleges. In the long run, this collaboration is intended to further boost the confidence in the state-of-the-art CFD tools and software for bridging the gap between academia and industry with its ever-growing design and optimization needs. CCTech intends and commits to act as an active player in this process.

aim-CFD Vision


Help engineering graduates to acquire CFD knowledge


Bridge the gap between CFD practitioners and students


To spread CFD at academic institutes


To serve better perspective to students


To attract engineering talent towards core engineering fields

aim-CFD Invariant Factors

aim - CFD Program : Invariant Factors


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